Where to start? From the moment we walked through Kartchner Homes front door, we felt the excitement of building a home. We never felt like we were being rushed to make our selections for our new home. Everyone was calm and helpful. It may sound cliche, but we were treated like family. It was weird. Everyone was so open to share their thoughts and ultimately gave us time to talk amongst ourselves. The building process was so easy and exciting with Kartchner. We stopped by our new home almost daily to see what new was being done. All the contractors were extremely nice and let us walk around the worksite to see what they were working on. Now that we’re in our home, we love it! The craftsmanship that went into this home is amazing! We love every square inch! It is beautiful and so perfect for our little family! Buy Kartchner! You will not regret it!

- Dustin Wagner

My husband and I worked with Corey at Kartchner Homes. He was so helpful and got back to us with questions throughout the process. I recommend working with both Corey and Kartchner homes.

- Shandra Morris

Kartchner is Great to work with. They communicate very well, they meet their deadlines and the prices are clearly communicated and never have unexpected costs.

- Rory Kunz

We have been in our Kartchner Home for just over 2 years and still loving it! We had a wonderful experience. The staff at Kartchner homes bent over backwards to meet our needs. We built the home we've always wanted that accommodates our family of 6. The home was built with superior quality and workmanship. They were able to do this in just under 4 months. We have had no issues with the house so far and talked our parents into building a home with Kartchner next door to us. They also love their house! Thank you Kartchner!

- Laci Hansen

We bought a home from Kartchner a few years ago and had nothing but a great experience. Our home came with a 1 year warranty and whenever something was needed they were fast to act on it. Very friendly and attentive to your needs. PLUS, their homes are BEAUTIFUL!

- Travis Smith

Excellent customer service, solid construction, beautiful craftsmanship, competitive pricing (even with upgrades), straight talk and integrity. The building process was everything I hoped it would be. I recommend them to anyone I hear who is contemplating building a home.

- Bonnie Larsen

We had an awesome experience working with Kartchner Homes. Designing our home was easy and nearly effortless with all of their options ready for you pick & choose. Our home was built quickly, and the quality is excellent. They were quick to fix any initial issues, and we couldn’t be happier with our home! We would recommend Kartchner Homes again and again.

- Daniel Fitt

We have lived in our Kartchner home for about a year and a half. There are many things we have enjoyed living here:
1. Everything is new. No maintenance problems.
2. Eveything we need is on the main level. That is one of the main reasons we chose this home.
3. We love the neighborhood. It is quiet and our neighbors are the best!
4. We really like the openness in our kitchen/living room. It has been great when we have had company and friends over.
5. We enjoyed moving into our home having it all landscaped. We appreciated being able to have that option.
6. There have been a few things that have required help from Kartchners and they have been good to respond quickly.
7. Even though it has taken some time, we are happy that Kartchners have agreed to replace the floor in our shower that doesn’t drain properly. We appreciate them taking the time to investigate and work toward a solution that will permanently fix the problem.

Thank you for designing and building homes that are eye-catching and for us easy to make this house our home in every sense of the word. We had lived in our previous home for 24 years. That transition was made much easier in part because you could provide a home that met our needs and the neighbors made us feel so welcome that we immediately made the adjustment. It has been wonderful living here.

- Becky Pickett

AMAZING builder. They were the best-priced new homes that we found. They include everything rather than charging for every "add-on." They do a two-year warranty after the build rather than just a one-year warranty as required by law. They did a stellar job with the home and have INCREDIBLE customer service.

- Megan P.

Thanks, Kartchner homes from me and on behalf of my clients. From start to finish the process was smooth and well communicated. Kevin did a great job helping us identify the best unit for the price, Stephanie kept us on track with deadlines and home warranties, and Superintendent Justin was fabulous on the Homeowner Orientation. What a nice touch to have him teach the homeowner about basic but helpful ways to care for their new home. It was an overall great experience!

- Nisha P.

We have loved living in a Kartchner built home. The staff is polite and quick to respond. They have fixed any issues we had on the new build. The fixes were quick and without dispute. We are impressed with the stock lighting and fixtures. They are modern and timeless.

- Ty T.