18 Reasons to Buy a New Home

(Instead of a used one) Favorable Pricing The competition among homebuilders makes new homes less likely to be overpriced. New homes are easy to compare with other new homes in the market equating value to value. The homes are the same age and options are declared up front with a price breakdown for comparative shopping. […] Read More »

4 Things You Need to Know About Kartchner Homes

THING #1 :1st Production Home Builders in Cache Valley, Utah Okay, first thing is first, what’s a production home builder? Simple, a production home builder offers a set of pre-designed home plans, which are then personalized by the customer. Before Kartchner Homes came into being, all of the home builders in Logan, UT and Cache Valley were […] Read More »

Two-Story Homes vs. Ramblers

Advantages of Two-Story Homes The yard may be bigger due to the smaller footprint of the home. Bedrooms located on the second floor offer a degree of privacy. Second story windows offer great views when you are at tree-height. Typically, the master bedroom is located on the upper level of the home, in close proximity […] Read More »