Is Now The Right Time To Buy?

When buying a home in this market it’s hard to say when is the right time. Will interest rates drop? Will home prices be higher in 6 months? It’s not something anyone can fully determine, but the good news is you can always refinance in the future to get a better interest rate!

On the contrary, the thing you can’t change is your purchase price. Once you borrow $500k, that’s what you owe back regardless of the interest rate. However, if you buy a house at 7% today, either interest rates go up to 12% and you’re happy you got in when you did, or rates go down and you refinance and get your rate back down to 3%. 

If you are confident in the purchase price of your home and the interest rate makes you a little nervous but is manageable, make the investment! You can always change your interest rate, but you can’t change your purchase price.

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