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Winter Moving Tips

Clear The Driveway and Sidewalks A clear driveway will not only be safer, but less stressful! Also be sure you are parking outside of the city plow route. Protect Floors and Carpets You don’t want to pick up sludge, water and mud after you have been moving furniture all day. Protect highly trafficked areas with […] Read More »

Winter Homeowner Tips & Tricks

Check out these 6 things you should be doing this winter to keep your home in tip top shape! HVAC System Checkup Replace your furnace filter to keep the air in your home fresh and free of debris. Replace Smoke Detector Batteries (as needed) You can never check your smoke detectors too often! Check your […] Read More »

Is Now The Right Time To Buy?

When buying a home in this market it’s hard to say when is the right time. Will interest rates drop? Will home prices be higher in 6 months? It’s not something anyone can fully determine, but the good news is you can always refinance in the future to get a better interest rate! On the […] Read More »

Questions You Should Ask Before Hiring a Home Builder

Are previous clients satisfied? Check out their google reviews, look for testimonials, and ask previous buyers about their experience. Do they love the staff just as much as they love the product? What is the inspection process like? Do they inspect trade work throughout the homebuilding process after each step is completed? Do they make […] Read More »

9 Trends We Love in Home Building & Design

Contrasting Kitchen Islands A trend we LOVE to love! Adding a contrasting kitchen island is a fun way to add a new color or texture to your kitchen. All of our pairings are white cabinetry throughout the kitchen with a dark-stained or color-painted island. Smart Home Features We couldn’t live without them! In this world, […] Read More »

6 Tips for Selling Your Home Fast

Selling your home can be daunting in any market. Use these tips to help you get prepared when it comes time to put your home on the market.  Boost Your Curb Appeal Manicure your lawn, trim your trees and shrubs, and give the exterior a quick power wash. Invest in Minor Repairs Small repairs like […] Read More »

Fall Homeowner Maintenance Tips & Tricks

It’s about to get cooler out there which means snow is on its way! Whether you’re in Cache Valley or East Idaho, save yourself the headache by completing these maintenance items before the snow hits.  HVAC System Check-Up Replace your furnace filter to keep your home fresh and free of debris. Turn off Outside Water […] Read More »

4 Reasons Why NOW is the Best Time to Buy

Home Prices Rise Over Time. This statement leads us to two good reasons to buy now. One, the sooner you buy, the more equity you create. Two, the house you are looking at will likely cost MUCH more the longer you wait. According to data from the S&P Case Shiller National Home Index Price, home […] Read More »

6 Things to Know Before Buying A Home

Your Credit Score Your credit score is one of the factors that determines your interest rate and can give you an idea of where you stand with lenders. Work with our preferred lenders to determine your credit score and how it will impact your home buying decisions. Does your score need some TLC before you […] Read More »

The Expert’s Guide for First-Time Home Buyers

Step 1: Assess Your Finances What’s your monthly budget? How much do you have saved up for a down payment? Step 2: Choose a Lender and Get a Preapproval Check with our preferred lenders to take advantage of some amazing discounts. After selecting your mortgage lender, work with them to get a pre-approval letter. Step […] Read More »

Landscaping Your Yard In Idaho & Utah

Dry summers and cold winters can make it hard to maintain a beautiful yard in the West. Certain plants can be picky about the amount of sun they consume in a day, while others don’t last freezing temperatures during the winter season. A healthy lawn requires that you pay attention to the characteristics of plants […] Read More »

How To Buy In a Hot Market

When we were hit with the recession, the inventory was substantially higher than the demand, which led to homes sitting. Due to this short period of putting off building, it led to an inventory shortage that still affects us today. The pandemic accelerated the shortage in popular markets where people are migrating due to work […] Read More »

18 Reasons to Buy a New Home

(Instead of a used one) Favorable Pricing The competition among homebuilders makes new homes less likely to be overpriced. New homes are easy to compare with other new homes in the market equating value to value. The homes are the same age and options are declared up front with a price breakdown for comparative shopping. […] Read More »

5 Things You Need to Know About Kartchner Homes

1. Kartchner Homes was the FIRST Production Home Builders in Cache Valley, Utah Okay, first thing is first, what’s a production home builder? Simple, a production home builder offers a set of pre-designed home plans, which are then personalized by the customer. Before Kartchner Homes came into being, all of the home builders in Logan, UT […] Read More »

Two-Story Homes vs. Ramblers

Advantages of Two-Story Homes The yard may be bigger due to the smaller footprint of the home. Bedrooms located on the second floor offer a degree of privacy. Second story windows offer great views when you are at tree-height. Typically, the master bedroom is located on the upper level of the home, in close proximity […] Read More »