6 Step Process to a Quick Move-In with Kartchner Homes

Kartchner Home exterior

1. Find your home

Find your new home and sign an agreement

2. Pre-Approval Letter

Acquire a pre-approval letter from your lender. Psst…If you choose to use one of our preferred lenders, there could be special incentives!

3. Closing Coordinator

Our incredible closing coordinator will walk you through the closing process. They will coordinate with you, the lender, and the title company.

4. Homeowner Orientation

Approximately one week before closing we will schedule a Homeowner Orientation. This is an opportunity to learn about your home and sign off that it is quality, complete and clean.

5. Meet with the title Company

An appointment with the title company will be scheduled for you. This is when the title of the home transfers into your name!

6. Pick-Up Your Keys

Pick up your keys at our office right after you sign at the title company!