Winter New Home Improvement Projects

Feel cooped up by the weather? Here are 8 indoor new home improvement projects to fill your time!

Declutter & Donate

You know those boxes that have been sitting in the back room since you moved in this summer? And the disorganized closet you said you would go through months ago? Now’s the time!

Order and Hang New Photo Prints

Make your home your own! Take this time to order new photo prints and get them hung.

Build a Window Herb Garden

Are you dreaming of a warm summer where you can start your garden? Use that green thumb to plan an indoor herb garden.

Put up Wallpaper

Bring the space to life with your favorite patterns!Reupholster second hand furniture

Build a Decorative Shelf

Put your carpentry skills to the test by building a floating shelf to hang all of your decor. 

Line Your Cabinet Drawers

Extend the life and cleanliness of your cabinets by lining them with a protective liner.

Repot your Indoor Plants

Repot your plans, or even better – propagate them!

Plan for Landscaping

Start looking into your options for which landscaper, what kind of grass, sprinkler systems, plants and flowers, etc!